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Despotika Winery is located near Smederevska Palanka, in the northeastern part of Šumadija, once covered with dense deciduous forests. It belongs to the Šumadija region, the Krnjevac vineyards, and from the winery itself the view extends across the valley of the river Jasenica, which flows through this area, all the way to Avala, Kosmaj, Bukulja, Venčac, Oplenac and Rudnik.

The tradition of winegrowing on the territory of today’s Serbia is longer than two millennia. In fact, Serbia does not lag behind the tradition of France and Italy. Thanks to its geographical position, climatic and soil factors, as well as the overall conditions for winegrowing and wide opportunities for the production of different types of wine, Serbia can be freely called the land of wine.

Aware that we have vineyards, equipment, facilities and people who can meet that demand and achieve the goal, we count on the support of like-minded people and lovers of top quality wines who will surely recognize themselves in our intentions. The winery have a new conference room for 30 guests and a tasting room with a capacity of 60 seats with a professional kitchen and a spacious terrace with panoramic views of Šumadija.

The winery has 6 double rooms, and at its top is a phenomenal lookout.

In addition to wine tours, the winery organizes wine educational weekends.

The Wine Museum is a special and unique attraction offered by the Despotika winery.

Our wish is to promote Serbian oenological culture, tradition and food through the production of top quality wine, from the best grapes from our own vineyards. Using the experience inherited from our ancestors, in combination with modern knowledge, we want to show the better side of Serbia.

Vinarija Despotika - Tamo gde nebo počinje


Vina vinarije Despotika - crna, rose, bela

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Organization of group and individual visits with wine tasting and tour of the Museum of Winemaking. Get acquainted with the technological process of grape processing in the fermentation hall and go down to the cellar of the winery.

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